Franchise Investment & Qualifications

When you franchise with AtWork, you can benefit from many incentives that you may not have with others in the staffing industry. Work with a trusted franchise partner who cares about your success and profitability.

Your Franchise Investment and Our Financial Requirements

When evaluating potential owners, AtWork looks for candidates who have at least a $250,000 net worth. Top candidates will have the business acumen and financial resources to tackle the initial franchise fee, all pre-opening expenses and duties, and the cost of day-to-day operations for the first six to nine months.

AtWork aims to make superior support affordable for our franchisees. Our estimated initial investment for a new franchise location is $153,500 to $210,500. This is based on reports from our current and past franchisees and our corporate team’s industry expertise.

The initial investment breaks down into:

Type of ExpenditureEstimated Amount
Initial Franchise Fee$40,000
Risk Management Reserve Deposit$5,000
Insurance Deposit$9,500–$12,000
Lease, Rent, and Deposit$900–$3,500
Leasehold Improvements$500–$2,500
Office Equipment and Supplies$15,000–$20,000
Utility Deposit and Telephone$500–$2,500
Costs to Attend Initial Training$3,000–$4,500
Advertising, Printed Materials, and Signage$5,600–$8,500
Professional Services and Misc. Start-up Costs (Lawyers, CPAs, etc.)$5,000–$7,000
Additional Funds for the First 6–9 Months$66,000–$102,500

Where Is Your Investment Going?

Your initial investment of $153,500 to $210,500 will contribute to many sources for opening and operating your new business efficiently. This includes external third parties like landlords and contractors, preferred vendors for equipment and services, and internal sources like employees.

AtWork Franchise Fees

From your initial investment, our corporate office receives the $40,000 franchise fee and a $5,000 initial deposit into your risk management account.

The initial franchise fee helps cover our robust pre- and post-opening support. This includes virtual and on-site training, in-house accounting and payroll services, assistance with site selection and internal hiring, and much more.

The risk management reserve acts as a security deposit to cover any issues that may arise including workers’ compensation situations and in rare cases disputed invoices that are charged back. After the expiration or termination of your franchise agreement, any remaining balance of this deposit will be refundable to you.

Vendors and Suppliers

AtWork uses preferred vendors and suppliers for significant savings when franchisees need to purchase insurance or office equipment. Our insurance programs are roughly 25% lower in costs than if you bought coverage on their own, and our tech stack provides massive savings from open market pricing.

Other expenditures like rent, leasehold improvements, and utilities will be paid to the landlord, contractor, and utility companies of your choosing. The same goes for outside professionals like lawyers and accountants to look over your contract and financials.

Our estimated initial training costs are not for the cost of training itself but for travel, lodging, and food. Estimated additional funds for the first six to nine months are for rent, utilities, supplies, and employee payroll but not your personal salary as an owner.

Franchise Investment FAQs

Learn more about financing and tax benefits in our investment questions and answers.

Does AtWork offer financing?

While we do not offer direct or indirect financing, we are proud to partner with multiple leading lenders. If applicable, we can refer you to one of our trusted funding partners for SBA Loans, unsecured loans, or other options like ROBS, which allows you access to retirement funds for your business. 

Will I make my money back?
With low entry costs, fantastic earning potential, and quick startup, an AtWork franchise can pay for itself. Our franchisees pay only a total of 7.5% of gross revenues, made up of 7% for royalties and .5% for marketing, for our full suite of ongoing support. Comparatively, many independent staffing agencies shell out 15.5% for payroll funding and processing alone. Our excellent rate and proven business model allow franchise owners to recoup their initial investment faster.
Are there any tax benefits to owning an AtWork franchise?

Yes, AtWork allows our franchise owners to collect tax benefits like Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC). As the employer of record for any individual that you recruit through your staffing agency, these federal tax credits are available for your placement of anyone who has consistently faced barriers to employment as part of a marginalized group.

Does AtWork offer any discounts on the initial franchise fee?

We offer a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee to veterans of the U.S. military.

AtWork’s Franchise Qualifications

Becoming a successful AtWork franchisee is not just about the monetary investment but, just as important, the passion and experience behind each entrepreneur. Read on to see if you are the right candidate to own an AtWork franchise.

Experience That Fuels Success

Candidates with a sales or corporate management background, often in B2B environments, possess both the people skills and the business knowledge needed to succeed. Previous staffing and recruiting professionals also flourish as AtWork franchise owners.

Approaches to Ownership

AtWork offers many different avenues to business ownership. Many franchisees choose a hands-on approach, being directly involved in everyday operations. Others have the option of semi-absentee ownership where you can hire day-to-day management. Talk to our executive team about which model would work best for you.

Personalities That Thrive

Our ideal candidates have outgoing personalities, highly developed interpersonal skills, and are passionate about helping others. Adaptability is the key to franchisee success. Owners and managers must be excellent leaders and trainers to employees, strategic business owners in meetings with vendors, compassionate salespeople in client meetings, and skilled recruiters in interviews.

Discover the Best Franchise Opportunity for You

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