What Is a Job Franchise and What Are the Benefits?

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Are you tired of being a backseat driver at your current job? Switch gears and discover a new road where you control your future. It’s possible to change lives in your community and work on your own terms by pursuing entrepreneurship as a franchise owner. A job franchise is a franchise where the owner is the primary employee, also called an owner-operator franchise. Here’s why it could work for you.

Lack of job security and professional growth leaves many people feeling defeated and stuck in a rut. Only 29% of employees are “very satisfied” with career advancement opportunities. Stress, apathy, and job dissatisfaction are also on the rise. More than half of Americans and Canadians are not engaged at work, and 52% experience a lot of on-the-job stress, according toGallup.

Achieving self-sufficiency and financial freedom is possible. People turn to entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss. Franchising offers a roadmap to success. It allows you to write your own success story with a proven business model, training, and ongoing support. But, it all hinges on finding the right opportunity that aligns with your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Types of Franchises
Finding the ideal franchise takes careful research and soul-searching. A job franchise offers many perks, but there are other options. To help you get started, explore the different types of franchises.

  • Job Franchise: A job franchise follows an owner-operator model and has a limited initial investment. As the owner of a job franchise, you’ll be tasked with providing services to customers and building the business. Job franchises often have low profit margins compared with other types of franchises, restricting earnings potential. The accessibility of low-cost franchises can also lead to market oversaturation and the potential for stiff competition.
  • Product Franchise: A product format franchise uses your space to distribute a brand’s product. Goodyear, John Deere, and Dell are good examples of brands that rely on product franchising to distribute their goods.
  • Investment Franchise: An investment franchise can sometimes come with high startup costs, and the franchisee typically plays a more limited role in the day-to-day operations by hiring a manager or staff to handle the daily tasks. Investment franchises appeal to individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio by adding a business component, but the barrier to entry can often make them difficult for many people to attain. Examples of an investment franchise may be a hotel or a large restaurant. If you want all the perks that come with an investment franchise without the high costs, investing in a franchise brand like AtWork can be a great alternative.
  • Business-Format Franchise: A business-format franchise is a common type of franchise. A company grants the rights to operate a business using its established brand, business model, and operating system. In this type of franchise, the franchisor provides the franchisee with a complete package of support, guidance, and ongoing assistance to help them run the business successfully. Common examples of business-format franchises are fast-food restaurants, auto repair shops, and staffing firms.

Empower Others With Your Business
By teaming up with AtWork and opening a business-format franchise, you can offer a valuable service to businesses and individuals in your community. AtWork is one of the largest and fastest-growing staffing franchises in the country. The staffing industry has a reputation for delivering reliable year-over-year growth, according to Precision Global Consulting.

AtWork offers a low initial investment compared with other staffing franchises and typically has high-profit margins with unlimited earnings potential. The average gross revenue for all franchised AtWork stores in 2022 reached $4,252,016.* The company gives its franchise owners the flexibility to adapt to local markets.

With an initial franchise investment of $153,500 to $210,500, you can gain entry into a profitable and in-demand industry with a well-established business model. AtWork’s proficient accounting team tackles essential support services, including payroll funding, payroll processing, invoicing, client payment processing, garnishment management, tax filing, and payments. This way, you can focus on developing a flourishing staffing business.

Get started to learn more about the different franchise business models and connect with someone from the AtWork team.

*This is a historical representation of what some of AtWork’s franchised agencies earned as described further in Item 19 of the FDD.

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