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What is a staffing agency and how can it benefit my company?
Staffing agencies provide temporary employees to fill short-term or seasonal positions. They can also provide temp-to-hire and direct hire talent reducing the strain on your team and reducing costs. AtWork can help you meet fluctuating workforce demands quickly and cost-effectively. The process of finding employees is extremely time consuming and takes skill and experience. A staffing agency is dedicated to finding the best talent and has built a database of thousands of area candidates. AtWork serves as an extension of your team – a partner – to connect you with the best talent in your community.
Do you only place temporary employees?
We can partner with you to meet your needs. Often companies have seasonal and temporary needs as well as longer term hiring goals. We place temporary, temp-to-hire as well as direct hire positions. Using temp and temp-to-hire programs allows you to keep your business running efficiently while seeing which candidates might be the best fit long-term.
Is AtWork locally owned?
Yes, we are locally owned and operated. We are also nationally backed because we are a franchise. AtWork is recognized as one of the largest, award-winning agencies and have been in business for mor than 30 years. We know your local community and have a strong network of talent and we are backed by national support to provide the best services and programming to our clients.
How do I request temporary staff from your agency?
Select the location nearest you and provide job requirements and needs for your roles. Our team will then match suitable candidates for your consideration. Click here to find a location or here to complete a request form.
What types of positions can your agency fill?
We can provide quality candidates for various roles including warehouse, industrial, manufacturing, administrative as well as more technical and professional roles. Let our team know your needs and we can discuss the best ways to partner with you.
What is the hiring process for temp workers?
AtWork can manage the entire hiring process including sourcing, interviewing, and background checks. You will receive qualified candidates ready to work which reduces your time and costs associated with hiring. Partnering with AtWork will take some of the guesswork out of staffing your roles. Using temp or temp to hire programs, you can try out candidates to see if they are a fit for your organization.
How are temporary employees paid, and who handles their payroll and benefits?
AtWork manages all payroll and benefits processes. You will receive a single invoice for services alleviating that time and hassle from your team. There is no financial obligation for our clients until we find the employees and they start work. This takes the time and financial risk off of you.
What is the typical duration of a temporary assignment?
The duration can vary, but temporary assignments can be as short as a day or extend for several months, depending on your needs.
Do I have the option to hire temporary workers permanently?

Yes, we offer a temp-to-hire option, allowing you to evaluate temporary employees before making a permanent hiring decision.

What are the costs associated with using your agency's services?
We can provide a breakdown of all costs associated with each candidate including the employee’s hourly rate as well as any service fees.
What steps does your agency take to ensure the quality of temporary workers?
Our team will screen and interview candidates to ensure they meet your specific job requirements. We also conduct background checks, drug screening and skills assessments.
What if I am dissatisfied with a temporary worker's performance?
We want you to be fully satisfied. We will work with you to resolve any performance issues or provide a replacement candidate if necessary.

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