AtWork Hiring Process

Our job recruiters want to make your journey simple. 

Navigating the
AtWork Hiring Process

AtWork’s hiring process is streamlined to help you get to work faster. The goal of employment agency services is to place the right person in the right job. AtWork goes a step further – making it a priority to see that you and the employer are happy with the match. The time we put into understanding your needs and considering client requirements pays off for both of you.
Step 1

Complete Our Application 

Once we have your information, we can contact you as soon as we learn about a new position so you are one of the first people to know. 

Step 2

Talk to Us on the Phone 

After you apply for a position, we will review your information. If you meet the employer’s requirements, we will contact you for a brief phone interview.

Step 3

Meet with Us in Person

The next step is an in-person interview with one of our job recruiters. You may also complete additional paperwork, an industry-specific safety video and quizzes or assessments.  

Step 4

Find Out What the Employer Decided 

After you complete the interview process, we will present your details to the employer for review. They may want to interview you before deciding whether to offer you a job. 

What Happens Next

If you are selected, we will notify you and provide any paperwork you need to be ready to work on your first day! If you do not get the first job you applied for, keep trying. There are many reasons behind employer hiring decisions.  

AtWork is not just a job recruitment agency. Our team provides ongoing support throughout your search and updates when opportunities become available. The only way to land the right job is to keep trying. We will be with you along the way. 

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