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What AtWork job candidates want to know.   

Questions about working with AtWork?

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How do recruitment agencies work? 

Recruitment agencies like AtWork connect job seekers with employers. We gather job requirements from employers, find candidates who match, assess their qualifications and find out if they are interested. Then we walk them through the hiring process.

How do I get a job through a staffing agency? 

You can get a job through a staffing agency by applying online. You can submit an application for a specific job or complete a Quick Apply form. Be sure to regularly update your skills, experience and availability.

What is the difference between temporary jobs and contract jobs? 

Temporary jobs are typically filled when employers need to adapt their workforce to meet changing demands. Contract jobs usually last for a predetermined period, often for a specific project or task. 

How can I apply to your agency? 

You can search for jobs to find a position that interests you or complete a Quick Apply form at your location to be considered for multiple roles in your area. Your local team will contact you to complete your application process and interview. 

What types of jobs are available through your agency? 

Job openings change regularly and will vary by location. We hire for warehouse, industrial, manufacturing, office/administrative jobs, and some technical and professional roles. Find a location near you for current job opportunities and contact information.

What is the typical duration of temporary assignments? 

Temporary assignments can vary from a day to several months, depending on the employer and what needs to get done. Sometimes temporary jobs can also turn into permanent positions if the employer has a long-term need, and you made a great impression.

How and when will I get paid for my temporary work? 

You will be paid weekly, and our team can give you all the details to set up easy payment options. 

Do temp agencies offer benefits to temporary workers? 

Benefits will vary depending on the role. Ask your local AtWork team about benefit details so they can help you find a position that best meets your needs. 

Can temporary work lead to permanent employment? 

Yes! Many of our temporary positions transition to permanent placement. It allows you to determine the best fit for your schedule and goals. 

What documents or qualifications do I need to apply with your agency? 

You can get started by simply applying using our Quick Apply process or to a specific job at your location. Your local team will walk you through the process to finalize your application. They will discuss your previous experience, job history and goals and then guide you through the entire process, from interview to onboarding. 

What support or training does your agency offer to help me succeed in temporary roles? 

Your local AtWork team will walk you through every step of the process. They will provide tips and guidance from interviewing to onboarding to ensure you have a smooth and quick transition. 

What should I do if I have a concern or issue while on a temporary assignment? 

You can contact your local AtWork team at any time with questions or concerns. You will have a primary contact person for the placement, but anyone on the team can assist. Every AtWork location wants you to have a positive experience that meets your needs and goals. 

Do you work with people who have felonies and have been incarcerated? 

Yes, we have placed many people who have felonies. Each local AtWork office has a policy, but generally we work with many companies, and their requirements regarding felony convictions which vary greatly based on the position. We work hard to find work for candidates with convictions, and some of our best employees have had felonies. We believe in offering second chances, while at the same time, we respect the wishes of our client companies who have stricter guidelines. 

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