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If you are looking for a job in Denver Metro Southeast, look no further than AtWork. Our expert recruiters will see you through the hiring process, working tirelessly to find you the perfect job. We help place talented individuals in an array of fields, including administrative, light industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse. We work with candidates at all levels, from entry level to management. We will assist you in finding your next job quickly, ensuring weekly pay and a flexible schedule tailored to your needs.

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Industries We Serve

We specialize in providing job seekers opportunities in the following industries:

Administrative / Clerical






Benefits that Matter

Each day we fulfill our mission of being AtWork for You by offering industry-leading compensation and benefits to our workforce.

As an AtWork employee, you can expect:

Medical Insurance

We partner with Essential StaffCare to provide team members with health benefits while they are working, as well as “Premium Forgiveness” between assignments.

We offer 8 hours of paid time off per approved holiday to all temporary staff who have worked 800 hours or more in the previous six months.

We offer 40 hours of paid vacation to all temporary staff who have worked 1,600 hours in the preceding year.

Additional Perks
From discounts on attractions such as theme parks, movie theatres, and more to great rates on hotels and rental cars, our perks program has its own benefits.


Looking for your next great hire? We can help with that too.

From temporary hires to permanent team members, AtWork Denver Metro Southeast has the talent pool you are looking for. As staffing professionals ourselves, we know what it takes to find the right candidate for each job. Our experts can help you control costs, manage risk, eliminate administrative hassles, and increase productivity by growing your team with the area’s best talent.

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Industries We Serve

We specialize in providing job seekers opportunities in the following industries:

Administrative / Clerical






Flexible Solutions

Whether you need to streamline your hiring process or scale your team to meet variable demands, AtWork provides the workforce solutions you need to be productive and profitable.

Temp-To-Hire Services

Assess an employee at your location before adding them to your permanent team. It is a solution that assures fit while reducing hiring risks.

Direct Hire Recruiting

Shorten your search for talent with AtWork. We take care of all the details, narrowing the candidate field to a select few.

Rapid Hire Services

Our Rapid Hire program allows you to increase employee retention by immediately hiring qualified candidates to your payroll.

We manage payments over a defined period of time to accommodate your staffing budget and stop billing the same week an employee leaves.

Secure 7

With so much time and effort poured into finding, qualifying and retaining top talent, hiring managers can use all the help they can get to hedge that investment. That’s why AtWork Personnel offers the Secure 7 Guarantee, our written commitment to placing the perfect candidate, and making it right if things don’t work out. From the first day up to seven years, we have your back. This includes a no-risk 30-day trial, a low-risk 90-day trial, a 50% replacement for up to 7 years and a guarantee that AtWork will refill the same position at 50% off the original fee.


Busy connecting people with jobs and jobs with people!

For over 30 years AtWork has solved workforce challenges for our nation’s most vital industries by connecting growing businesses with thoroughly vetted candidates of all experience levels. AtWork’s expert recruiters keep business moving by sourcing, screening and placing employees based on demand, taking the stress off overtaxed hiring and human resources departments.

Job seekers trust AtWork to help them find the work they are best qualified for in growing industries with long-term potential. AtWork candidates find more than just a job; they find an advocate whose mission is to help them along their path to a successful career.

Join Our Internal Team!

It takes a great team to help connect jobs with people and people with jobs at AtWork.  Want to help us help others? Join our internal AtWork team in one of the roles below!

Our Team is AtWork for You

Our mission to be “AtWork For You” is not just a slogan – it is a promise. Meet our team below! 

Effendy Liu

Managing Partner

Peggy Tio

Senior Recruiter

Lora Hutchison

Staffing Coordinator

Effendy’s extensive background in both the corporate world and entrepreneurship brings a wealth of experience to AtWork Denver. With almost 30 years of combined experience in automotive executive roles with Daimler AG in various countries, followed by his ventures in entrepreneurship, Effendy possesses a unique perspective on business and people management.

His journey from the corporate sector to entrepreneurship showcases his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Having worked in diverse roles such as Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Strategy, and Product Development, Effendy has a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies of running successful businesses.

Effendy’s emphasis on the significance of having the right people in the right roles aligns perfectly with AtWork’s mission. His belief in the mutual relationship between individuals and organizations, where both parties need each other to thrive, reflects his holistic approach to talent management. By recognizing the importance of career satisfaction and happiness in the workplace, Effendy demonstrates a deep understanding of employee well-being and its impact on overall organizational success.

Outside of work, Effendy’s adventurous spirit shines through his love for international travel and off-road driving. Whether speeding down the Autobahn or navigating challenging terrains with his rig and camping trailer, he finds joy in exploration and adventure. Effendy’s passion for both speed and the great outdoors mirrors his dynamic approach to life and work, making him an asset to AtWork Denver’s team.

Peggy is a highly experienced and well-rounded professional. With her background in Industrial Engineering and an MBA degree, along with her extensive experience in Semiconductor as a Logistics and Marketing professional, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as the lead recruiter at AtWork Denver.

Her global exposure has provided her with a deep understanding and respect for individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, which is invaluable in the field of recruiting. Peggy’s passion for connecting the right talent with the right opportunities is evident in her dedication to finding the best fit for both her clients and the candidates she works with.

Beyond her professional life, Peggy is a talented portrait photographer, capturing moments for professionals, families, and high school seniors. Her culinary skills are showcased through her specialty dish, Spätzle, a German delicacy she learned to cook from her neighbor in Stuttgart. In her leisure time, she enjoys exploring different varieties of food and engaging in outdoor activities with her family, especially in her favorite camping and hiking spot, Moab, Utah.

Peggy’s love for classical music and her commitment to supporting the arts further enrich her diverse interests and passions. Overall, her multifaceted background and skills make her a well-rounded and valuable asset to AtWork Denver, as well as a fascinating individual with a rich and fulfilling life outside of work.

Lora Hutchison is a proud Colorado native.  She brings a diverse employment background to @Work, including real estate, commercial insurance underwriting, administrative expertise, and paralegal work.  She graduated from Adams State University in Alamosa and has completed further certificates from Arapahoe Community college.

Lora has lived in the Denver area for over 30 years and has two grown daughters.  She has a passion for health and fitness, having completed six marathons. More recently, she enjoys mountain hikes, paddle boarding, and skiing with her family and friends.  Gardening and reading round out her activities.

Jessica Northrop

Staffing Coordinator

Debbie Canyock

Business Development Coordinator

Jessica’s extensive background in customer service and sales, combined with her commitment to connecting business services with community needs, positions her as a valuable asset in addressing Denver’s staffing challenges. Her over two decades of experience in the call-center and service industry have provided her with a unique skill set and a deep understanding of the dynamics in these fields.

Jessica’s dedication to growth and productivity is evident in her pursuit of formal education to complement her hands-on experience. This combination of practical knowledge and academic background enhances her ability to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing staffing landscape.

Beyond her professional life, Jessica’s role as a wife and mother reflects her commitment to balancing work and family responsibilities. Living locally, she has a strong connection to the community, which further strengthens her ability to align business services with the specific needs of the Denver area.

Jessica’s interests in the outdoors, crafting, reading, and good food showcase her well-rounded lifestyle. This diversity of interests not only contributes to her personal fulfillment but also adds a richness to her professional life, allowing her to approach challenges with creativity and a holistic perspective.

In summary, Jessica is a dynamic and well-rounded individual with a wealth of experience, both professionally and personally. Her unique blend of skills, commitment to growth, and connection to the local community make her exceptionally equipped to tackle the staffing challenges in Denver.

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