5 Business Ideas for Veterans: Planning Your Post-Military Career

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After serving our country with dedication and honor, many veterans face the challenge of returning to civilian life. One of the most significant decisions is determining the next career move. With the discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills honed in the military, veterans are uniquely positioned to thrive in the business world. Use your military experience in one of these business ideas for veterans and discover how your skills can translate to business ownership.

There are nearly 2 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States. They employ approximately 5 million people and generate $1.3 trillion in annual revenue, the U.S. Small Business Administration reported. Veterans turn to business ownership for personal independence, financial security, and work-life balance. Nearly 56% of veterans relied on entrepreneurship to provide them with a sense of purpose after exiting the service, according to Syracuse University’s latest National Survey of Military-Affiliated Entrepreneurs.

Here are five opportunities tailored to leverage your military experience.

  1. Security Consulting. Your military training has equipped you with a deep understanding of security protocols and risk assessment. Security consulting allows you to offer businesses strategies to protect a business’s assets and ensure the safety of its employees.
  2. Leadership Training and Development. The military is a masterclass in leadership. Use your experience to offer leadership training and development workshops for corporations, schools, or other organizations. Your firsthand knowledge of leading teams under high-pressure situations can provide invaluable insights to budding leaders in the civilian world.
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Military operations often involve intricate logistics and supply chain management. This skill set is highly transferable to the civilian sector, where businesses constantly seek efficient ways to move products from manufacturers to consumers.
  4. Fitness Boot Camps. Physical fitness is a cornerstone of military life. Use your training to start a fitness boot camp, helping civilians achieve their health and fitness goals. Your disciplined approach can offer a unique and effective workout regimen.
  5. Staffing and Recruitment. The military has given you a keen eye for recognizing talent and placing individuals in roles where they can excel. A staffing agency, especially within a franchise model like AtWork, can be an excellent fit.

Franchising Offers Turnkey Solution
If you want to be your own boss, franchising offers a path forward for veterans. Veterans account for only 7% of the United States population, but at least 14% of all franchises are run by former service members. Instead of starting from scratch, you get a proven business model, tools, and resources to succeed. It is akin to the structured environment of the military, where protocols and procedures are in place to ensure success.

Partner With AtWork

Combine your ability to build teams and recognize talent by partnering with AtWork to launch a full-service staffing franchise. Staffing is about building teams and forming relationships, something you have done throughout your military career. The ability to assess skills, understand team dynamics, and place individuals in roles where they can succeed is second nature to many veterans.

AtWork offers aspiring entrepreneurs a unique blend of advantages that streamline the journey to successful business ownership. With more than 30 years of industry experience, AtWork has established itself as a trusted name in the staffing sector, boasting a robust national presence.

As an AtWork franchisee, you join a family of professionals dedicated to excellence. AtWork’s comprehensive franchise support and in-house accounting services, including payroll funding, accounts receivable, invoicing, and processing, alleviate many administrative burdens new business owners face, allowing franchisees to focus on building relationships, serving clients, and growing their businesses.

AtWork recognizes the value of diverse backgrounds, including military veterans, and offers incentives such as a 20% discount off the initial franchise fee for U.S. Military veterans. For an initial investment of $153,500 to $210,500, AtWork franchisees align themselves with a brand that prioritizes their growth and offers a competitive edge in the staffing industry. AtWork franchisees can significantly cut operating expenses by taking advantage of Work Opportunity Tax Credits, a federal tax available to businesses that invest in job seekers who have consistently faced barriers to employment.

About AtWork

With more than 30 years of experience, AtWork is one of the country’s leading providers of contingent and permanent workforce solutions. AtWork places talented professionals into administrative, light-industrial, medical, home health care, and management-level positions at some of the nation’s largest and most recognizable companies.

Your military service has equipped you with a unique skill set that is highly valuable in the business world. Get startedto learn more about business ideas for veterans and how AtWork can help as you embark on this new chapter.

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