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A Fresh Approach

Providing everything from advisory services to complete program management, The Workforce Alliance brings together industry experts to create unparalleled strategic programs.

Too often, workforce management solutions are viewed through an inflexible, one-dimensional lens that benefits the provider, not the client.  The Alliance, founded by Pipeline Talent Solutions and composed of industry experts, is a ground-breaking strategic solutions model supported by a conflict-free partnership structure.  Our partnership represents what its members believe is the model of the future, one where industry leaders from different sectors come together to creatively solve problems and generate truly specialized, client-focused solutions.  Beyond that, the Alliance offers continued guidance and expertise so programs evolve as business needs grow and change. 

The Alliance grew out of conversations among industry veterans around the need for a solutions provider to have many distinct areas of expertise, which they agreed no one vendor could credibly develop and effectively deliver.  The best way to solve that big, complex problem, they realized, was to establish an ecosystem that operates using a unified, integrated model within which the various providers operate with the common goal of serving the client’s needs.  The team takes the necessary action, which may include workshops, evaluation of existing structures, and strategic planning to create the roadmap to success.

The Alliance members are also looking to the future.  By working together while still maintaining individual clients, the team believes they will be able to more efficiently and effectively create optimal solutions as they learn from each other.  This community has the opportunity to draw on their experiences together and apart, refining their processes along the way.  While the Alliance is becoming an industry-leading solutions provider, it will also focus on providing thought leadership. The entire Alliance team is excited to change workforce management and, more importantly, your company.

  • Pipeline Talent Solutions


    Founding Member of the Alliance

    Their name may be new, but the solution and services Pipeline Talent Solutions provides are generated by some of the industry’s most experienced and respected veterans. They understand the gravity of creating and managing a successful workforce management program, regardless of size or industry. They set themselves apart because they believe that all companies deserve their optimal workforces. One too many times, they’ve seen a small company or programs with smaller spends dismissed by larger providers because they aren’t lucrative enough. That practice ends with Pipeline. Their consultative talent acquisition and management ecosystem moves beyond the traditional tactical solutions still prevalent in the marketplace. They understand the complexities and demands of today’s workforce market, so their team is structured to provide every client with breakthrough strategic expertise and creative solutions.

  • Genesys Talent

    Founded in 2015, Genesys Talent embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way people connect with work.  Focused on creating a more personalized experience for candidates, Genesys Talent worked to bring them closer to opportunities and the organizations and individuals offering them.  The staffing and recruiting veterans who formed Genesys Talent did so after watching the talent acquisition industry steadily become more commoditized and the candidate experience decline – they set out to change that.

    Genesys Talent has reimagined talent acquisition, and pairing processes with innovative technology to automate the more routine aspects of the recruiting process.  This frees up clients and talent curation partners to focus on higher-value activities and robust candidate interactions.  The company has developed a highly accurate skills profile for all types of workers using proprietary skills categorization techniques and an automated screening processes resulting in fast, accurate, and dependable matching of candidates with opportunities.  The Genesys Talent skills categorization technology is fully integrated into the workflow automation to attain the highest degree of efficiency.

    As one of HR Tech’s Top Ten Cloud Solution Providers of 2019, Genesys Talent is a market leader in the development and delivery of cloud-based automated sourcing.   Genesys Talent’s pool of over 15 million candidates, when paired with its artificial intelligence matching capabilities and candidate outreach, offers clients and candidates some of the most targeted, relevant search results available today.  Genesys Talent provides clients with a comprehensive solution that can include private talent pools, custom talent pools, and curation services.

  • HCM Strategies

    Another company created as a response to unmet needs in the strategic workforce management universe, HCM Strategies was founded by industry veteran Jason Fox in 2018. A full-service workforce analytics firm built on the core value of delivering actionable analytics that solves business problems, HCM’s proprietary technology stands apart from other offerings.

    HCM’s market-rate benchmarking utilizes data science and old-fashioned human expertise to ensure clients strategically invest in their workforce management. These components can be combined with the contingent worker management analytics platform capabilities, providing analytics and strategies designed to foster each client’s talent and corporate strategy.

    Over the course of their collective 50 years’ experience in data, analytics, finance, and corporate strategy, Jason and the leadership team have designed and implemented predictive analytics departments, global analytics platforms, and data management tools for large global clients.

    Their philosophy is built on the notions of cultivating strategic partnerships, supporting analytics maturity, and viewing workforce analytics as a continual process that adjusts to market conditions and business needs.

    The company’s standout product is ARCH AI: Market Rate Benchmarking. The platform analyzes the entire labor market to provide accurate, actionable compensation analytics that can then be used in numerous applications and analyses. Using natural language processing, ARCH AI captures key attributes and contexts from job descriptions; our proprietary machine learning engine then intelligently recommends rates tailored to each client’s compensation strategy.

    The solution that can function as a stand-alone resource or be incorporated into a company’s existing data analytics platform. HCM can support any size project and incorporate data management, data repositories, business intelligence development, business analytics, and market benchmarking.

  • IC Precheck

    A separate venture led by the highly-regarded team at SFS, IC Precheck was launched in 2017 to provide contractor-based certification, disrupting the traditional approach to contractor screenings and client engagements. The company has already garnered industry attention and an impressive client list. Regardless of company size, IC Precheck’s clients are relieved to have a trusted resource where they can outsource their worker classification processes, offload their misclassification risk, and efficiently screen and onboard their freelance talent.

    Michael Matherly and Ken Hernandez, the company’s founders, serve as COO and CEO, respectively. Over their combined 25 years in the strategic sourcing sphere, the two personally experienced the archaic, time consuming, and often unreliable processes used for compliance screening and onboarding independent contractors. IC Precheck grew out of Michael and Ken’s desire to create a simpler, faster and more effective compliance delivery model, enabling clients to access and safely engage independent freelancer talent.

    The company provides three separate and distinct client-based compliance solutions: IC Precheck certification of freelancers; full IC compliance screening; and agent-of-record services. All service levels include appropriate levels of client indemnification against IC misclassification risk and all contractors are required to participate in the proprietary IC Compliance & Best Practices Training. The company also maintains, in conjunction with legal counsel, Compliance Rules Engine to stay current with state, federal and other jurisdictional regulatory actions, decisions and case law.

    IC Precheck keeps its clients safe by taking on their IC misclassification risk and managing it closely throughout the entire contractor life cycle.

  • PGC Group

    A global provider of employer of record services and solutions, PGC was founded nearly two decades ago in Seattle, offering comprehensive administrative strategies – managing payroll, taxes, insurances, benefits, contracts, and day-to-day human resource matters — to the market. As the demand for their services grew, PGC became global, now calling New York City home with offices in San Francisco and London.

    Beyond its direct solutions, PGC also acts as a consultancy for its clients, offering expertise, knowledge, and guidance in the areas of workforce engagement strategy, compliance, benefits, and other human resources functions. The company’s experts work across industries, including technology, recruitment, finance, light industrial, IT, design, and pharmaceutical.

    A few years ago, the PGC team realized building its own technology to facilitate program management was an essential step to creating a simpler, more efficient, secure process for clients to use.

    Precision, the resulting platform, was created so clients can interface easily, setting up individualized platforms supported by personalized service that can solve their complex HR management issues. Every PGC support team is created to meet individual client needs, staffed with rigorously-trained experts.

    With Precision, clients can onboard, manage and track their contractors while collecting data for US and Canadian markets that can be used to compare their processes and programs to industry norms. If needed, the technology can be set up to give contract workers access so they can access and update certain personal and project details. And, all PGC processes, including development, are run in-house, so they never rely on third-party support and can respond to client needs easily.

  • and its primary product and service, the cloud-based Job Market, are designed to accelerate recruiting and hiring success through technology adoption.  The expert network, created expressly for recruiters, provides companies with an extensive recruiter network powered by artificial intelligence (AI) matching tools, so they’re able to hire top talent more quickly and efficiently.

    The Job Market provides connections to a nationwide network of professional recruiters and is augmented by proprietary artificial intelligence technologies that draw from talent communities of millions of people. provides recruiting services designed to scale across a diverse range of skills and industries, offering a flexible, performance-based hiring model for permanent and contract talent.

    The company — and their proprietary technology — supports the largest, centralized recruiter network in the world, with more than 9,000 recruiters and 800,000 members.  And their multi-level screening process and customer service ensure companies receive unsurpassed personal service supported by a single point of contact through a centralized platform.  The AI matching technology, custom cloud communities, resume/job matching and real-time candidate responses ensure qualified candidates, every time.

    Ultimately, is about opening doors for people.  The team works to inspire people to better themselves, act on opportunities, and believe they can achieve their goals.

  • Sourcing for Services (SFS)

    Sourcing for Services was founded in 2014 and was one of the first companies to recognize the need for specialized services to help companies manage their SOW spend. Co-founders Michael Matherly and Ken Hernandez have successfully managed many strategic sourcing, procurement leadership, and professional services programs including SOW and stand-alone SOW programs, including a more than $500 million SOW program at a Fortune 100 financial services company. That experience led to the development of one of the industry’s first SOW workflow automation for a top-tier VMS provider.

    When Michael and Ken realized the dearth of solutions available, they drew on their own experiences as procurement and sourcing practitioners.

    Their management model doesn’t look like others in the marketplace, with three distinct differences: entry point methodology, sourcing and contract experts, and an extension of the existing client procurement team.

    By offering three entry points, SFS is able to integrate virtually ant SOW category or individual transaction regardless of category maturity or operational definition. Providing on-demand shared services support gives clients access to experienced analysts and consultants who have specific skills to address individual client needs. When the SFS team can work as an extension of the client’s existing procurement team, the internal team can focus on the more strategic, higher spend, and higher profile sourcing needs while SFS takes control of un- or under-managed SOW spend incorporating the client’s business practices.

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