Candidate (Administrative Assistant, Roseville CA)

Such an amazing team of employees. They were so helpful in finding me a temporary position that was right for me. They found me a job that was interesting and helped build my skill set. They continuously checked in on me and answered any questions I had throughout the process.

Candidate (Accountant, Sacramento CA)

AtWork is amazing! The recruiter took her time to get to know me and review my qualifications then matched me with a fantastic employer! I am so grateful to AtWork for this amazing opportunity. Thank you all so much.

Candidate (Senior Technician, Roseville CA)

I was unemployed for a few months. During that time, I had signed up with a myriad of other agencies with next to no feedback or interviews. After I signed up with AtWork, I had an interview and a week later a great job assignment. AtWork recruiter took the time to evaluate my professional skills […]

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