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Job interviews can be stressful. The pressure of speaking intelligently and impressing a group of inquisitive strangers that can make or break a potential job opportunity can increase anxiety levels and cause poor performance.

In an interview, you want to appear confident and dependable, but not too eager. You’re trying to prove that you can do the job, show poise under pressure and, ultimately, fit in well within the corporate environment.

As you’re sitting in the hot seat in front of an interviewer one thing to keep in mind throughout the meeting is your body language, which can make or break the interview but is often overlooked. However, by keeping these simple best practices in mind, you can ensure that you’re projecting the right message to your potential employers.

Posture is Important: Sit with your back against your seat and your feet on the floor. Keep your posture straight and pay attention, just like in elementary school!

Be Careful with Eye Contact: For those who may have an aversion to direct eye contact, finding another point on the head or face near the eyes can be helpful. This gives the impression of direct eye contact without increasing anxiety levels. Another bonus with this technique is that it’s also less intimidating to the interviewer.

Use Your Hands: Trying to keep your hands still during an interview is a sure sign of anxiety. Use hand gestures to show engagement, help make your points, and show that you’re not intimidated by the interview process.

Just Breathe: Practice some deep breathing exercises before your interview in order to reduce your anxiety levels. During the interview, be sure to monitor your breathing, taking slow, deep breaths as you consider your responses to questions and make sure to always speak on the exhale to reduce stress and clearly make your points.

Nod Your Head: It seems trivial, but simply nodding your head as you listen to the interviewer will increase engagement levels and begin to build trust.

Job interviews are one of the most exciting, yet tense parts of the hiring process. Improving your body language by using the tips above can help you ease anxiety and land the job of your dreams.

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