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Some 70 million Americans have a criminal record. That means one in three people in this country carry a burden that can be a barrier to getting a job. Failure to land gainful employment upon discharge from prison contributes to repeat offenses and prevents reentry into society.

AtWork and other staffing agencies can help give felons and others with a criminal record a second chance. While it is ultimately up to an AtWork client whether they will provide a job to someone with a criminal history, the sheer volume of our job listings improves the chances of landing at least a temporary or temp-to-hire gig.

Here are some more tips on finding a job if you have a criminal record:

Work hard. Strong performance at a temp or temp-to-hire job can lead to permanent positions. Once you get your foot in the door, work hard and you can parlay that job into a long-term gig.

Be honest. Some states have “ban the box” policies in place meaning there’s no question about criminal histories or convictions on the initial job application. This limits the chance for preconceived notions before any interview takes place. The subject of criminal history will undoubtedly arise, however, so those with such histories should be prepared to account for their past honestly and openly.

Act now. Companies willing to provide jobs for felons include Coca Cola, Uber and Georgia Pacific. Historically low unemployment rates are also prompting companies to revisit prohibitions against hiring those with criminal histories. Demand for employees means those with criminal records will likely see more opportunities arise.

We’ve all made – and atoned for – mistakes in our lives. The vast selection of job options offered through AtWork can make it much easier to leave your past behind and move forward in your life – and your career. Contact AtWork today to see how we can help.