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Here are Five Tips to Master the Clock

Time is a finite resource, and it is frittered away by the second, minute, hour and day.

Poor time management can plague offices and sabotage what should otherwise be productive work days, every day. Luckily, just as there are ways to conserve resources such as water or electricity, there are some time-management techniques that will help you excel in your temp-to-hire job. This will help your transition to a permanent position.

Here are five ways you can own the clock:

1. Schedule tasks. For some people, a good old-fashioned paper agenda or calendar fits the bill. There are a variety of digital planning tools available, too, such as the calendar option in some email management systems.

2. Identify time wasters. Text too much? Surf the web a bit more than necessary for your job? Religiously track the ‘likes’ on your latest social post? Identify the time drain, and put a stopper in it.

3. Prioritize. Set goals for each day and week, and then take a few minutes (only a few minutes!) to gauge your progress at the end of each day. Determine where you lost time and what may have prevented you from achieving your goals.

4. Set time limits. Plan to devote a set amount of time to individual projects (in your handy planner mentioned above) and don’t exceed the time allotment.

5. Establish routines. Get in a daily groove. Repeat. Having a routine makes sure you hit all the high points of your workday and week. Stick with it.

These tips will work time after time. If you can show knowledge of these solid time-saving techniques, you’ll impress a staffing agency and secure that temp job. Application of this knowledge can then turn that temp job into a permanent gig. Don’t waste time – contact AtWork today for the best temp and temp-to-hire jobs in your area.