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You focused hard on finding that temp or temp-to-hire job through an AtWork staffing agency. Now it’s time to focus on work.

That is easier said than done these days in the midst of email bombardments, phone calls, social media and someone asking if you have a second every minute.

There are some tried-and-true techniques to rein in distractions, however. Pay attention: Here are some ways to stay focused at work.

• Make a list: Write out your priorities for the day and stick to your task list. Momentum will build on itself, and you’ll find yourself more focused on completing your goals once you knock a few off the list.

• Delay responses: Set a time to review emails during the day, and remember that you don’t have to respond immediately. Consider turning off your desktop notifications.

• Bail out: If you have an especially important or timely task to accomplish, find a quiet place with few distractions and inform your coworkers that you have sequestered yourself.

• Take breaks: Get up and move around every hour or so. Your mind will wander as it gets weary, reducing focus.

• Avoid social media: Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can be a tremendous drain on productivity and focus. Limit your use to set times each day.

• Practice focus: Practice mindfulness and clearing your head. Staying focused is about cutting through both the clamor and chatter at your workplace as well as the clutter in your mind.

• Own your distractions: Only you can control your mind and focus. The onus is on you. Identify what makes you lose focus and find ways to work around it.

If you were able to stay focused on this post about staying focused, that’s a good start. Keep it up and own that temp job so you can parlay it into something permanent through Atwork staffing services.