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Time is money, and more time equals more money.

That means it’s important to milk the most out of every day, especially if you are just starting work after a staffing agency placed you in a temp or temp-to-hire job.

You want to prove you can rock the clock right off the bat, and make the most of every minute you spend at the office. That’s why time management skills are key. It’s a hard skill to master given the constant tugs and temptations to waste time in any office setting. Here are some timeless time-management tips you can use to become a true clockmaster.

• Prioritize. And then prioritize again. Make sure projects you are spending time on contribute to your overall goals or work mission.

• Go for goals. What do you want to accomplish today, this week or this year? Again, make sure you are making progress toward these goals. Establish metrics to ensure you are not just spitting gravel. As the adage goes, don’t confuse motion for progress. Keep a list of your short-, medium- and long-term goals, and check off ones you accomplish.

• Avoid busy work. If you are mired in work or on a project you think will go nowhere, extract yourself. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to what you deem an unreasonable or uneconomical use of your time. If you can, delegate, or request delegation, of simpler yet time-consuming tasks to another member of your team.

• Plan ahead. You should have a good idea of what your goals for the day are before you even walk into your workplace. Good planning allows you to allocate time efficiently and set your own schedule – on your own time.

• Avoid distractions. Stay off social media as much as is practical, depending on your job. Some jobs require regular use and posting of social media. This can make it doubly tricky to not get sucked into the bottomless time sink.

Time is a precious resource, and managers keep track of how you spend your time. Anything less than complete time management may reduce your growth potential and stymie that final push from a temp-to-hire job to a permanent position with an AtWork client.