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Many employees are content with benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and a retirement plan.

Many of the jobs available via AtWork staffing agencies provide such benefits, or make them available once a temporary job becomes permanent.

Some people move on to other, permanent jobs once they build their resumes through our light industrial, general labor temp or temp-to-hire staffing services.

If they set their sights high enough, they may even land a job at one of many American companies that offer downright incredible perks. Perks are expanding as the labor market tightens and companies strive to improve company culture. Here’s a sampling of some of the most impressive job perks available today:

• Spotify: The streaming music giant offers half a year of parental leave. It will also cover the cost of freezing employees’ embryos.

• Google: Employees can eat every meal for free at one of the many restaurants on Google campuses. It also has in-house gyms and offers a death benefit to employee survivors equal to 50 percent of an annual salary for 10 years.

• Starbucks: The coffee chain offers 100 percent tuition reimbursement for employees who want to attend college or get an advanced degree.

• Netflix: The digital movie giant offers unlimited leave to be determined by individual employees.

• Airbnb: Employees of the home-based hospitality chain receive a $2,000 annual stipend to stay in an Airbnb anywhere in the world.

• Adobe: The software company offers haircuts, vehicle maintenance and even a farmers market for its employees.

• Intel: The tech company offers an onsite car wash, dry-cleaning services and a multitude of recreational opportunities including foosball, ping pong and fitness centers.

While we can’t guarantee we can place you in a job with these incredible perks, landing a gig at one of these employee-centric companies can be in reach once you start building an impressive resume. AtWork staffing agencies can get you started. Contact AtWork today to start rolling down the road to your dream job.