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How times change.
What comes to mind when you think of a glamorous job? In the 20th century, the go-to answers might include private investigator, reporter, flight attendant, or even a pilot. The modern reality is quite different: Private investigators sit for hours on stakeouts. Reporters wonder if their layoff is finally nigh. Flight attendants have to deal with obnoxious travelers and have crazy hours and little domestic grounding. Pilots rely on unions to maintain decent pay, and they too are often far from home on a regular basis.

Let’s flip forward a few decades, and take a look at what might pass for glamorous jobs today (and some potential alternatives if you can’t land your preferred glamor job), based on Pinterest ruminations:
• Singer/performer: Who doesn’t want to be Beyonce? You can strut your stuff and work your pipes in front of thousands of adoring fans. You are mobbed for autographs. You have money to burn. On the opposite spectrum, however, you could be singing for tips in a local honky-tonk.
• Actor: Walk the red carpet. Make bank. Watch yourself on the big screen or make your mark on Broadway. Or you could find yourself playing the same role in the annual community production of “A Christmas Carol” .
• Fashion designer: See your creativity come to life on catwalks. Hear your name associated with leading celebrities who don your duds on the red carpet. Or find yourself crafting new drapes for your one-bedroom apartment.
• Dancer: Go on point with the Moscow Ballet. Tap your way with beauty across a big-city stage. Stay fit and cut and flexible. Or cut a rug at your local disco.
• Athlete: Get a free college education and get paid millions to play a sport. Lead your country to victory at the World Cup. See yourself on SportsCenter highlights on the regular. Slam a walk-off home run in the World Series. Or watch a dribbler go between your legs at the rec league Softball finals.

We’ll be honest. AtWork staffing agencies might not help you land any of the above glamor jobs – we specialize in light industrial, administrative and health care jobs. But we can get you a good temporary or temp-to-hire job, and maybe you can get away with a little day-dreaming. Contact us today.