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We’ve seen a lot of staffing-industry changes over AtWork’s 25 years, and we expect more over the next 25.

But in many ways, the future is now, as we recruit and staff workers in several of the fields expected to see the greatest staffing demands in the future. We specialize in temporary and temp-to-hire light-industrial and administrative staffing, as well as health care – the fields expected to see the greatest growth in both demand and salary in the next five years.

If you are uncertain about your career path and whether it will provide a sustainable career, check out this quick list of the five jobs expected to lead demand in the future.

1. Registered nurses. As the U.S. population ages, health-care practitioners like RNs will be in high demand.

2. Home health care aides. An increase in the elderly and infirm population who opt to remain at home for routine medical care, as well as more aggressive reductions in the length of hospital stays, leads rising demand in this sector.

3. Personal-care aides. Growth in this career path is also propelled by an aging population with medical and personal needs that can be met by personal-care aides in the home, hospital or nursing home setting.

4. Office clerks. Communication skills count for more and more these days, as writing talent dwindles and people increasingly specialize in more technical fields. But regardless the assistance of artificial intelligence, there is always going to be a need for personable office clerks who can not only write, but present an intelligent face for the company and know their way around spread-sheet software.

5. Customer-service professionals. Again, good communications skills are in demand, as are the skills needed to think quickly, be diplomatic and respond to customer complaints in what is now a 24-hour business day in most parts of the world.

Our AtWork experts can help build your future, and guide you into most of the burgeoning career paths mentioned above. Contact us today for information on the jobs of tomorrow.