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It has long been a paradox: You are a recent college graduate, or first-time jobseeker looking for a position.

Invariably, the question of experience comes up during a job interview or on the initial job application.

Sorry, the hiring manager says. You don’t have experience. But how do you get experience if you need experience?

A staffing agency like AtWork can help; in fact, a temporary or temp-to-permanent job can lead to a life-long career.

A good recruiter can look well beyond concrete job experience to identify skills and traits that could help you land an entry-level job and gain experience. AtWork specializes in administrative, light industrial and home health staffing, so if you aspire to work in these fields, you can likely parlay a temporary position into a full-time job.

Many employers who use our staffing services use a temporary placement as an extended tryout of sorts. The tight job market means an increasing number of employers are willing to offer some type of on-the-job training to a suitable candidate who may not have specific experience in a given field. Some candidate traits transcend the need for a college degree or an extensive work history, and those might be enough to get you in the door: likeability, communications skills, writing ability, personability, native intelligence and a good work ethic.

Many of these traits are imparted during high-school years, and are not necessarily the sole province of a four-year degree. Our expert recruiters can take a look at the big picture, for instance, volunteer work or past part-time history, and determine which temp-to-hire or temporary position might be a good fit.

In another scenario, perhaps you have experience in one field, but want to pursue a new career with one of our administrative or light industrial clients. Again, our recruiters can look at the big picture, and understand what types of complementary or applicable skill sets you may already possess.

Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting a career change, or a recent high-school or college graduate looking for a first permanent position, AtWork can leverage your existing skills to get you a job.

And if you work hard and display grit, professionalism and competence, that temp-to-hire job can lead to a permanent career.

Contact us today so we can put your skills to work for you – and our clients.