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Finding the right temp or temp-to-hire job can often be as appealing as a trip to the dentist.
But AtWork, a 25-year leader in the staffing services industry, can smooth your career path by offering a range of job choices before the ink even dries on your resume. We can get you in the door — but whether you get a job is up to you.

Here are five tips from experienced staffing managers to smooth your ride to new career heights:

1. Watch your mouth. Speak confidently and clearly, but don’t talk too much. Follow the interviewer’s lead; if you babble on too much it may raise questions among hiring managers that you can’t focus your thoughts or follow social or conversational hints.
2. Think before you speak. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a pregnant pause before answering a question. This communicates to the interviewer that you don’t just shoot off at the mouth but take a quick moment to organize your thoughts before answering. And silence is definitely better than a stammer or a stutter or an “uhhh….”.
3. Make your cover letter count. You can judge a book by its cover letter. This is a very important part of the job-hunting process. Obviously it needs to be free of grammatical mistakes and misspellings, but you need to use this important real estate to convey why you are qualified for the job and should be given an interview. This is a prime opportunity to make yourself stand out from the competition, even if it includes items already in your resume.
4. Be nice. Should you get an interview, turn up your courtesy meter. Don’t be rude to the receptionist – word could get around that you are a jerk.
5. Do your homework. Nothing can sink a job interview like hemming and hawing around a very common job-interview question: “What can you tell me about the company?” Don’t restrict your pre-interview research to the Internet; reach out to people who have worked there or otherwise know the company.

For more information on temp or temp-to-hire jobs or to find the AtWork staffing agency near you, contact us today.