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If we look back to just a few years ago and think about the workforce, working from home barely comes to mind. It was often rarely heard of and not offered at most companies. However, with the global pandemic that shut down a majority of the world for quite some time, companies were forced to explore what it meant for their employees to be able to work from home. Because the pandemic has taken far longer to find resolution than expected, working from home has lingered and ultimately become the new norm for many.

While many have returned to in-office work, there are just as many that are still working at home or exploring the idea of a hybrid work model.

A study by Stanford of 16,000 workers, showed that working from home productivity was 13% higher than in-office workers. Furthermore, remote workers work an entire hour more than their in-office colleagues. There are a variety of factors that allow this to occur but ultimately combining your workplace with your at-home life has been found to allow a blurred line between the two. However, the comfort of working at home can also be a distraction to some.

The hybrid work model seems to be the most practical and beneficial approach within our modern-day society. People tend to work best in an environment that allows them to work from home for a few days and in the office the rest. While they still have an in-office structure, they are also given the opportunity to work from home. People who work a hybrid work model tend to find a better work-life balance and have overall better productivity over the course of their week.

Finally, those that work entirely in a company office setting have great productivity and find a great level of communication among themselves and their colleagues but tend to yearn for more time outside of the office. An entirely in-office position works best for those that enjoy face-to-face interaction with their coworkers and prefer an in-office environment over the comfort of their home.

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