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AtWork was built upon three core values: lead, empower, and excel. However you slice it, empowerment benefits your business. At AtWork, we strive to keep the decision making as close to the client as possible by empowering franchise partners to make local decisions based on their knowledge of their marketplace, all while having the support and backing of the corporate office.


Empowerment is beneficial for both clients and employees. According to this blog post from Neil Patel, “The key to retaining customers and mitigating churn is, of course, fostering experiences that empower your audience. You must leave them with positive emotions about what your product or service can do for them, their goals, their challenges, or their quality of life.”


Similarly, it’s also important to empower your employees. When they feel empowered, job satisfaction and performance both increase. Employees will feel as though they have more power and room to be creative in their jobs, leading to innovation and better business decisions. Here are a few ways you can empower your clients and employees:



Help them create a plan to reach their goals related to your product or service.

Provide options when possible.

Listen to their feedback.



Be open to hearing employee ideas.

Avoid micromanaging.

Delegate projects or pieces of projects.

Keep expectations clear.


If you’d love to work with a company that’s committed to empowering you as a client or an employee, we’re AtWork for YOU! Visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you.