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AtWork was built upon three core values: lead, empower, and excel. Leadership means different things to different people and companies. To us, it’s about servant leadership and being AtWork for YOU!


The servant leader is servant first. It’s not about being submissive; it’s about wanting to help others and identifying the needs of colleagues, customers, and communities. As servant leaders, we share power, put the needs of others first, and help people develop and perform as highly as possible. Here are just a few benefits of exhibiting servant leadership in the workplace:


Morale Booster

Because servant leaders seek to help both customers and their employees, your employees will see that you care about them in the workplace. They’re more likely to feel valued, which usually leads to a boosted morale. As morale increases, productivity does, too.


Customer Loyalty

Servant leaders typically offer quality customer service and show customers that they care about their experiences with the company. Customers will notice and will likely be happier with their interactions with the brand, which helps foster loyalty.


Employee Loyalty

Because this style of leadership involves identifying the needs of employees and helping, employees will take note. When employees feel that they’re part of a company that cares about their needs and takes care of them, they’ll be less likely to leave, which will save money when it comes to employee turnover.


If you’d like to work for or with a company that believes in servant leadership, we’d love to be AtWork for YOU! Whether you’re looking for a job or for employees, visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you.