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In many ways, essential employees have kept the world moving throughout the pandemic this year. Though most people want to show they’re thankful for essential employees, many efforts to show appreciation fall flat as these workers risk their health and the health of their families, roommates, etc. Here are some appreciation efforts for varying budgets that will show your essential employees you care.


Raises and Bonuses

Along with more risk and stress, your employees are likely taking on more responsibilities (ex. Safety protocols) than they were. Typically, more money and more responsibilities go hand in hand.


Extra PTO

Many essential employees have faced extending working hours this year, but whether or not your employees are working more, extra PTO is great way to give them time to destress from work.


Health Benefits

Because employees are risking their health and their families’ health by working throughout the pandemic, it’s a great time to reexamine your healthcare policy. Do you offer health insurance? Can you offer health insurance that’s more beneficial?


Help with Expenses

You can get a little creative here. For example, if you work for a grocery store, you could offer employees gift cards to help with their monthly grocery expenses.


Reassess Tasks and/or Hire Extra Employees

Now is a good time to take a look at the workloads of your employees. Is anyone responsible for more tasks than they could reasonably accomplish in a shift? Does anyone have a significantly smaller workload? Do you need extra employees to keep responsibilities manageable? Splitting responsibilities fairly and lightening the load for your employees will help reduce stress.


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