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We all know the impact COVID-19 has had on employment. However, many employers will still need to pick up extra employees this holiday season. Though certain aspects of seasonal staffing will basically remain the same, there will be a few changes this year. Here are a few trends we predict for seasonal staffing in 2020:


Extra requirements

Employers will likely be asking for a little more from workers this season. According to this article from Monster, “You do see an increase in retailers hiring people with titles like sanitization expert, but there’s also an expectation that all employees will step up to handle many of these tasks.”


More seasonal positions relating to shipping and online shopping

This year we’ve seen online shopping become more than just convenient. As people have been encouraged to stay home, online shopping has become more like a necessity, and we expect that trend to have a large impact on seasonal staffing. Employers will likely need to fill positions relating to shipping, fulfillment centers, curbside delivery, etc.


Resume builder

Though most employers will be understanding of COVID-related employment gaps, resume builders are still incredibly important. For one, you never know what unexpected skills you may learn during a seasonal job that can benefit you in the future.


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