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AtWork President and COO Jason Leverant recently attended a ceremonial check signing in which Tennessee Governor Bill Lee earmarked $750,000 in federal coronavirus funds to the Jobs for Tennessee Graduates program. The event took place at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Tennessee and was attended by students taking part in the JTG program as well as teachers, JTG leadership and other dignitaries.


Jobs for Tennessee Graduates is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which stewards at-risk students towards graduation and college or career opportunities. JTG specialists work with students during their senior year as well as through a 12 month follow up process focusing on job interview skills, leadership, resume editing skills, financial responsibility, dress etiquette, and community service. Mr. Leverant currently serves on the JTG Board of Directors, a collective of multi-disciplinary professionals that provides guidance and direction to JTG leadership regarding strategy, program growth, and awareness initiatives.


“It’s such an honor to be able to serve an organization doing such important work for our community as Jobs for Tennessee Graduates,” said Leverant. “I look forward to seeing this program continue to grow and flourish within our state, helping high school students get off to the right start with their educations and careers!”


Governor Lee is one of 13 governors on the national Jobs for America’s Graduates board. The federal coronavirus relief measure authorized governors to determine educational uses for relief funds. Lee earmarked $750,000 in Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund money for the Tennessee program for 2020-21.