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When you work with other people in any sort of capacity, it’s inevitable that you’ll start to collect funny or downright odd stories, and the staffing industry is certainly no exception…even though most people try to be on their best behavior for work or job interviews. Here are a few of our favorite stories from a couple of our offices:


“I called a candidate, and they answered. The candidate then told me he was in the bathroom and would have to call me back. Glad I didn’t try to Facetime him!”


“I asked a candidate to send me a photo from the shoulders up for a work badge. He sent a picture from the shoulders up, all right……but he was LYING DOWN ON THE SOFA. He asked if it was okay. No, could you please STAND UP?”


A conversation with a candidate:


Candidate: “I’m sorry, I really want this job, but my girlfriend said I can’t work with you.”

Recruiter: “What do you mean you can’t work with us?”

Candidate: “Not AtWork. YOU!”

Recruiter: “Huh? Why? What did I do?”

Candidate: “You didn’t do anything. My girlfriend doesn’t want me working with you anymore because she heard me say ‘Thank you, beautiful.’”

Recruiter: “Well then….Okay..”


Although situations like these can make great stories later, you should probably avoid putting recruiters in these situations when you’re job searching. If you’re still looking for a position, visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you!