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Diversity has long been an important topic in the workplace, but it’s recently come to the forefront. Consumers are now looking to brands and companies to gauge their response to recent events and their efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Although it’s now a crucial aspect of your brand reputation, there are more reasons to emphasize diversity in your workplace. Here are some more advantages:


New Perspectives

You only know what you’ve learned. That’s a statement that seems obvious, but it has serious implications for your business. People of different backgrounds have different perspectives than you based on the things they’ve learned, and increasing diversity will help you be able to consider a wider variety of perspectives when making business decisions, helping you paint a clearer picture.

Larger Skill Sets

Considering diverse sets of employees have differing backgrounds and perspectives, it only makes sense that the diversity will bring a larger set of skills to the table.


With more perspectives and skills in consideration, innovation will follow. According to research from Josh Bersin, companies that focus on diversity are “1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market.”

Increased Morale and Engagement

If you worked in an environment where everyone around you came from the same background, you would probably be less likely to feel comfortable speaking up with differing views and ideas. However, when companies hire diverse workforces, employees will be more likely to feel included and willing to bring new perspectives to the table.


If you’re hoping to bring more diversity into your workplace, we’re committed to finding qualified candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we’d love to be AtWork for YOU! Visit AtWork.com/locations to find an office near you.