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Have you been laid off recently as a result of COVID-19? If so, we understand how much stress you’re likely experiencing. Finding a new job can be intimidating, even when unemployment is low, but luckily, there’s help out there. Temp work could just be the answer for you.


You’ll have help.

When you decide to use a temp agency, you don’t have to face your job search alone. Recruiters will help match you to open positions and help you figure out how to present yourself in the best light possible.


You can prevent gaps on your resume.

Although in the future recruiters and hiring managers will most likely understand a gap in a resume due to COVID-19, it still may be a concern for you. If you’re worried about it, using an agency to find temp work can help you bridge the gap until you’re able to find a more long-term position.


You can stick to a schedule.

If, after a layoff, you stay unemployed for a while until you can find a long-term position, you’ll have to deal with major schedule changes that can take a toll on you mentally and physically. If you take a temp job in the meantime, the adjustments to sleeping, eating, and other habits will not be as drastic.


If you decide that a temp job is right for you, we’d love to be AtWork for YOU! Visit AtWork.com/locations to find an office near you.