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Even before the coronavirus entered our lives, mental health was an increasingly hot topic in the business world. The virus has likely caused unique struggles for everyone in your workplace, but here are six signs a coworker could be struggling a worrying amount:


They’re less productive than usual.


They’re missing work more often.


They’re getting frustrated more easily.


They’re complaining about being tired more than usual.


They’re struggling to remember deadlines or details.


They’re being more negative than usual.


If you notice some of these signs in a coworker, it can be tricky to decide what to do about the situation. If the problem goes deeper than just struggling, such as fighting depression or anxiety, you also risk violating their privacy by bringing it up. A good start is simply to ask them how they’re doing, and if they mention any struggles, you can ask how you can help.


SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, offers a free helpline: 1-800-662-HELP


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is also available at 1-800-273-8255