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Deciding you need more help at your business is just the first decision of many. You also have to decide which hiring method is right for you. Do you need temporary hires or direct hires? Here’s how to know:


Choose Temp When…

Hiring temporary workers is usually the way to go with low-skilled jobs because they tend to have higher turnover rates than high-skilled jobs. If the position(s) you’re hoping to fill are for temporary or short-term projects, that’s also a good sign that hiring temporary workers is a better option than direct hires.


Choose Direct When…

Choosing to utilize direct hire is a good decision when you’re needing to fill higher-skilled positions or you would like to bring someone onto your team permanently. Most qualified candidates are likely already working and will not leave a permanent position for one that might turn permanent. As a result, a direct hire offer will be more enticing to those candidates than a temporary offer would be.


Have you decided which hiring method is right for you? Whether you’ve chosen temporary or direct, we have you covered! Visit AtWork.com/locations to find an office near you, and we’ll work with you to solve your hiring needs!