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As a new generation starts pouring into the workplace, companies are looking for ways to improve their company cultures to attract the best candidates and help all the generations in the workforce work together. Companies will often add foosball or ping pong tables and create open office plans thinking these things will help foster a collaborative workspace. Sometimes, these things may help; however, in reality, employees will likely become less collaborative as they begin wearing headphones to cope with the increased noise pollution around them.


Likewise, many employers decide to subscribe to and implement new technology solutions to appeal to the younger hyper-connected generations. However, technology won’t save your company culture. Adding technology for the sake of technology will likely produce the opposite of your intended result. For example, if you start promoting a new online communication board without considering how it will fit into your culture, your employees may use it with as little effort as possible simply because they feel pressured to use it. You run the risk of employees viewing the technology as just one more thing they have to fit into their day, rather than a tool that will help streamline their tasks or communication.


Technology can be a powerful addition that will help foster a more productive workspace, but you have to truly understand your employees and your current culture in order to find the right software/programs/tools. To make these decisions easier, involve your staff. Including them in this process will not only help you make the right choice, but also make your employees feel important and appreciated.


Remember, technology won’t save your company culture, but involving your employees and choosing the right technology may work wonders!


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