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Growing your workforce can mean many different things depending upon your company’s specific needs. It could mean hiring more employees, or it could mean simply improving the ones you have in one way or another. Whatever growing your workforce means to you, here’s a few ways to help you achieve this goal: 


Mentoring Program

Pair your newer/younger employees with employees in similar roles but with more experience. The main purpose of a program like this would be to help your less experienced employees. Their mentors can help coach and encourage them when they encounter issues or confusing situations, which will help your employees grow in their roles more quickly. However, there’s also potential for the mentors to benefit in a program like this. The newer/younger employees likely have differing viewpoints that they will share, which could help the mentors look at their own roles with new ways of thinking.


Professional Development

Offering professional development opportunities for your employees is a win-win situation. Typically, your employees with the highest potential are the employees who constantly want to improve and learn more, so they would be happier in their careers if you give them opportunities to grow in their field. You would also benefit because your employees will be improving in their jobs by becoming more efficient or learning new skills.


Use a Staffing Agency

If growing your workforce means taking a numbers approach, consider using a staffing agency to add those extra hands without having to worry about doing all the hiring legwork yourself. Staffing agencies can find, recruit, and screen employees to make sure they’re right fit for you, and you won’t have to worry about doing that yourself.


If you’re considering using a staffing agency to grow your workforce in the new year, we’re AtWork for YOU! Visit atwork.com/locations to find the location closest to you.