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It’s a fact of life that, in any workplace, employees are going to have to deal with anxiety during their work. Perhaps it’s a grumpy client or a rapidly approaching deadline, or maybe just the effect of stress building over time…no matter the cause it’s important both for personal health and the performance of the team to find ways to keep anxiety in check. Here are three that many stressed out workers find helpful:

Detach from the screen: Thought it can be difficult due to the necessity of devices in our work, it’s important to take regular screen breaks during the day. Use this time to stretch, have a short walk around the office, or just to meditate for a moment to clear your mind of work stress.

Don’t be a recluse: You don’t want to be a chatty Kathy necessarily, but don’t hole up in your office all alone either. Communicating with coworkers builds community and helps improve mental health. Never forget: humans are naturally social creatures!

Drink, drink, drink (water, of course): Drinking lots of water won’t take care of your anxiety by itself but staying properly hydrated throughout the day will help you to feel centered, healthy and focused.

Managing anxiety in the workplace is of critical importance to long-term mental health. Of course, you have to have a job before you can manage workplace stress, and AtWork can help! Visit AtWork.com/Locations to find a branch near you today!