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A sudden layoff can throw your entire world into a tailspin. The uncertainty of what comes next, both personally and professionally, coupled with the stress of the loss of income and benefits is a nightmare scenario that happened to over 20 million Americans in 2018. However, as bad as it feels, a layoff isn’t the end of the world. Here are four tips that can help you land on your feet if you find yourself on the receiving end of a pink slip:

Keep your emotions in check: Layoffs are hard, no matter why they occur, so it’s important to give yourself some grace and not beat yourself up. Be sure to not express your disappointment in your place of work, as it could damage connections that may be helpful down the road. Take time at home with family (or with your therapist) to process and vent the negative emotions associated with the event.

Assess your personal situation: It’s important to take stock of your personal finances and insurance situation in the event of a layoff. Knowing your budget will be key to weathering a long storm, if necessary, and you’ll need to retain insurance during your time off the job as an extra hedge of protection for your finances.

Reframe: Reframing is the process of viewing a negative situation from a positive point of view. A layoff is a perfect time to practice reframing. Take the time to give your career path some thought and find the potential silver lining to an otherwise gray cloud.

Start applying right away: This should go without saying but start applying for new jobs right away! Not only will this get you back into employment more quickly, but the effort of the job hunt will help keep you motivated during your time off from regular daily work.

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