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In a tight labor market, company culture is more important than ever. That goes for the employer, as well as potential employees. Savvy business leaders know that in order to retain the best talent, they must ensure that their company culture is a good match from day one. Therefore, during the interview process, it’s not unreasonable to expect to field a few questions relating to culture. Here are three of the most common you may face, and how to best answer:

What was the culture of your last employer like, and how did you fit in? – It’s important to be honest, but also not be derogatory of your last employer. Take a moment to mention some good elements of the culture and how they impacted you, as well as a few bad and how you may have liked to see those improved upon.

What is an ideal culture for you? – Again, honesty is the best policy. It’s important to discuss your likes and dislikes, as this is your time to express what type of culture and work environment you prefer in order to do your best work.

Tell us what you know about our company’s culture and how you think you’d fit in. – Before the interview, be sure to do at least some basic research about the company. In doing so you will inevitably get at least a basic feel for the culture of the company, which will allow you to answer this question more intelligently.

Company culture is more important than ever, so it pays to be prepared to discuss it during the interview process. Of course, if you’re still on the hunt for that ideal job, AtWork can help. Just visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you today!