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In these times of continued low unemployment, candidates are putting more emphasis on a company’s culture and how it aligns with their own values. However, some find it difficult to pinpoint the ways in which the two may align, which can lead to taking a position in a company that proves to be a poor fit over time. If you’re on the hunt for a new position and are torn as to whether their culture aligns well with you, here are three steps you can take to ensure you make the right choice:

Be comfortable with your own values: It’s hard to align your values with a company’s culture if you’re not familiar and comfortable with your own core values. Think of your peak work experience—what did you do and what values were implemented—in addition to time when you were frustrated with your work—what happened and which of your values were affected? Also consider what fundamental beliefs or truths in your life you base major decisions on. It seems a little out there, but these steps can really open your eyes to what is important in your work life.  

Be familiar with the company’s culture: An organization’s culture is a direct indicator of what is important to the company and its leadership. What matters most to the company and why? What is their stated mission and how have they lived up to that mission in the past? Finding answers to these questions, whether during your research or during the interview process, can be invaluable.

Have an action plan: Once you know your values and the type of company culture you would best fit within, modify your job search plan, interview preparation and style, etc. in order to ensure that you not only find a company that will align well with your values, but also that you emphasize during the interview process how well aligned you are with the company and their direction.

Now is a great time for job seekers to not only find a job that suits their lifestyle, but also a company that aligns with their values. If you’re looking for a new job, AtWork can help. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you today!