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Often, a company’s culture is set at the very top. Key leadership create the mission and vision for the company and bear the responsibility of ensuring that employees are not only working toward these goals, but also that everyone in the organization enjoys an inclusive environment in which they may thrive. Occasionally, however, the daily grind gets in the way of ensuring that this culture is created and nurtured. If you’re currently struggling to define and convey your culture to employees, here are a few bits of advice that can help:

Trust is key: Trust is the centerpiece of a great company culture and it starts with leadership. Always ensure that employees can be trusted to make decisions on their own (within reason) and that their opinions are always valued, even if not implemented. It should also go without saying to always follow through with plans and treat employees honestly in order to build deeper trust.  

Be intentional: As a leader, you are a role model for folks within your company. As such, be intentional with not only your decision making within the business, but also with your actions, words and, especially, how you treat employees in front of one another. Doing so will show fairness and build additional trust.

Maximize engagement: Employees are always happier and more focused on producing great work when they feel engaged with their team, their leadership, and the company at large. Find ways to keep employees actively engaged within their roles as well as with one another in order to build strong, cohesive team.

Creating a positive company culture can help take even successful businesses to new heights, but you have to have the employees to lead first! If you’re struggling with your workforce needs, AtWork can help. Visit AtWork.com/Locations to find a branch near you today!