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In last week’s post we briefly discussed some facts about the STEM workforce that may come as a surprise. However, what isn’t a surprise is how many companies are scrambling to attract as many of these hyper-intelligent, motivated employees as they can. If your company is in this process here are a few simple tips for attracting STEM graduates:  

Have a forward-thinking and inclusive culture: STEM graduates often come from diverse backgrounds and are looking for the same in their places of work. You don’t have to get political, just build an environment of inclusivity where each team member’s ideas and input are valued.

Consider a flexible work schedule: Often STEM graduates work in very technical fields that may not require the traditional 9-5 office hours. Allowing some flexibility, either with altered hours or work-from-home days, can make a big difference to these employees.

Provide a clear path for advancement: STEM graduates are often very motivated and competitive and, as such, are looking to advance within their careers. Providing a clear path for advancement is crucial to helping these employees see their way forward and encourage them to stick with your company.

STEM graduates often turn into highly skilled, motivated employees. If you’re looking to attract more of them to your team, AtWork can help. Just visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you!