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For new graduates starting their first job, things can be a little stressful. Beyond the obvious challenges of “adulting” (finding a place, getting a car, establishing a life, etc.), work itself presents new stresses to overcome as graduates go beyond the textbooks and learn what it really takes to do their jobs and succeed within their careers. If you’re a new graduate transitioning into employment, here are three pieces of advice to take to heart:

Find a Mentor – Don’t ever try to go it alone. Find someone with experience in your field whom you can work closely with and who will offer guidance as you advance within your new job. Often, mentor/mentee relationships last long after the first job has come and gone, giving you a valuable connection within your industry moving forward.

Create Value – Even if you are just learning the ins and outs of your actual job, find ways to create value and leave a good impression on leadership. Show up early, take on projects others tend to scorn, share ideas in meetings, and so on…even making the coffee in the morning will show that you care about others in your office and about being a team player (everyone loves coffee, right?).

Always Be Learning – From your first day on your first job to your retirement, always be learning and looking for new opportunities to use your knowledge. Really this piggybacks off of the first two pieces of advice, but it’s important to always keep your skills sharp by participating in all of the continuing education programs and events that you can. Additionally, some professionals find that keeping a “business journal” of sorts helps them to keep track of ideas that have come and gone through the years, allowing them to apply knowledge from the past to their future decision making.

Your first job can be stressful, but not having one can be even worse. If you’re struggling to find your place, we’d love to hear from you. Visit AtWork.com/Locations today to find a branch near you!