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Now that summertime is here, many new graduates are on the hunt for their first post-graduation job. This is a prime time for employers to take advantage of a fresh group of potential employees entering the talent pool, which is all the more important in today’s talent-short market. However, hiring a new graduate isn’t quite the same as hiring a seasoned employee; their youth and inexperience in the job market can make choosing the right candidate a challenge. To help, here are three strategies to use when considering the hire of a new graduate:

Do Your Research – College offers numerous opportunities to gain real-world experience, so be diligent during the interview process to not only dive into the grad’s main focus of study, but also relevant extra-curricular activities, elective classes, and portfolio, where applicable.

Go Mobile – Because they are. New graduates are more social media and tech savvy than any generation before them, so be sure to make your jobs visible across all social networks and make your application process as streamlined and mobile-friendly as possible.

Don’t Just Offer a Salary – Company culture and impressive benefits are just as likely to lure a new graduate as a high salary. Growing up in a connected world, new graduates favor collaborative environments where their talents can shine!

This year’s graduating class is a great resource for new talent hitting the job market. If you need help finding new grads and connecting them to your opportunities, we can help. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find an AtWork location near you today!