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During the interview process, you’re going to be hit with at least one question that you struggle, or just cringe, to answer. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. There are a number of common, universally dreaded, questions that seem to always work their way into the conversation, no matter how dated they seem. Here are three you may hear, and how you should answer:

Where do you see yourself in…? – Ideally, we’d all like to answer “Happy, rich, and not having to worry about work!” But this isn’t an ideal world, so you need to have an answer that sounds ambitious, yet achievable. Try to stay focused on “seeing yourself” in a better role within the company you are interviewing with or as a thought leader within the industry, as this will show both dedication and determination.

What are your weaknesses? – Naturally, we’re not too excited to talk about what we think are our weaknesses. If you’re hit with this question, focus on a “weakness” that can easily be converted to a strength that will help the company and present it in way that doesn’t make it seem like a weakness at all. For example, “I feel like my forklift skills are still developing, and I’d love to have a chance to be trained on multiple types of equipment, to broaden my experience.”

What would you change about yourself? – Another one that can throw you into an existential crisis. Would you change anything about yourself? Probably, but as with addressing your weaknesses, spin your answer to make it sound like you’re anxious to develop any perceived weakness into a strength for the company. For example, “I’ve always wanted to learn more about Microsoft Excel. If I were to change anything, I’d like to gain more experience there so that I can look to move up within the company soon.”

Interviews can be demanding and the questions can put you into uncomfortable places. Use the advice above to help you through your next interview and, if you’re having trouble getting in the door, let AtWork help. Reach our expert recruiters in your area by visiting AtWork.com/locations today!