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With technologies continuing to advance and employment remaining at historic lows, now is the time for companies to improve their employee experience by developing a digital-first culture.

A digital-first culture within the workplace emphasizes providing great digital experiences for customers and employees alike. Improvements could be small, such as providing solid intercompany communications tools to facilitate collaboration, or more impactful, such as the ability of employees to leverage digital technology in order to be able to work remotely.

Companies who invest the time into planning and implementing a stellar digital experience for employees can expect to reap numerous benefits, including:

More effective talent acquisition: According to a recent report from VMware, 73% of candidates say that digital culture is important to them when making an employment decision. Improving this culture will ensure that you’re not being overlooked by the majority!

Higher retention rates: Logically, if your digital culture helped you attract great employees, then maintaining that great experience will lead them to want to stay with your organization.

A stronger brand: In the VMware report it was noted that many employees who believe their employer offered a good digital experience were more likely to claim that the employer was a premier place to work. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the connection between high employee satisfaction and a strong performing, recognizable brand.

Increased competitiveness: Not only will employees who value the digital culture tend to be better producers; it was found in the VMware article that employees who view their employers as competitive in the marketplace also reported a great digital experience. Coincidence? Not likely.

By taking the time to develop and encourage a digital-first culture, companies of any size can create an environment that will attract the best and brightest. Of course, sometimes culture just isn’t enough, and you need to call in the pros. If you’re struggling to find the right team to keep your business growing, visit AtWork.com/locations today to find an AtWork branch near you!