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Anyone who has been on the hunt for a new job knows that post-interview follow up can make the difference between getting to the next step with an employer and getting forgotten. By following up in a professional, thankful manner you are both reaffirming your desire for the job and gaining an important opportunity to promote yourself as the ideal candidate one final time. If you have an interview on the horizon, here are a few tips on proper follow up that you can use to keep your name on the top of the hiring manager’s mind:

Send both an email and a hand-written thank you note: If it seems redundant, that’s because it is. Sending two separate communications gets your name back in front of the hiring manager in two different ways and the addition of the hand-written note shows a level of initiative that will stand out from the pack.

Don’t hesitate: As a rule, you should send out your follow up email and thank you note within 24 hours of the interview itself. Waiting any longer allows the impression you made during your interview to fade further from memory, hurting your chances at being called back.

Remind them why you are the best candidate: In your follow up, take the time to briefly reiterate why you are indeed the best candidate for the position. You don’t have to be long winded, but taking a moment to touch on the highlights of your qualifications is a good way to reinforce why you’re a good fit.

Share anything you missed during the interview: There’s rarely enough time during an interview to share all of the reasons why you’re the right fit for a job, so take a moment during your follow up to cover any items that you may have missed that could improve your chances of landing the job.

Be consistent: A single follow up is rarely enough. Set regular times to follow up via a phone call to the hiring manager so that you don’t slip from their memory as they entertain other candidates. There’s no need to be overbearing, but a quick call every one to two weeks is certainly not out of line.

The job interview process can be daunting, but you can greatly improve your chances by simply taking the time to follow up on a regular basis. And, of course, if you’re on the hunt for a job but don’t know where to start, AtWork can help. Visit atwork.com/locations today to find an AtWork location near you!