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As the holiday season approaches seasonal hiring is kicking into high gear. Though many businesses are already prepared for the challenges of the season, others may not even know where to start. If that’s where you find your business, these three simple tips can help get you on the right path:

Start Searching as Early as Possible: Simply put, the longer you wait to make your move the less likely you will be able to recruit the best possible talent for your open positions. Start planning as early as possible and be sure to place job ads well ahead of the season to allow yourself time to source, screen, and train the right employees.

Target Your Job Descriptions: Typically, the folks interested in seasonal positions will not respond to job ads that allude to a longer commitment. Tailoring these postings to emphasize both what type of work the job entails as well as its duration can help attract the talent you want.

Organize Recruitment Events: If you’ve planned for the busy season far enough in advance you may have time to host recruitment events specifically targeted to filling seasonal positions. It takes a little more work, but you may be surprised at the engagement you receive from such an event.

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