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Once you’ve decided that pursuing a temporary position is the right move for your lifestyle—and applied with a leading agency, such as AtWork—you will be expected to proceed through an interview process, just as you would if you were in the market for permanent employment. Though the position you’re interviewing for may be familiar to you, the interview process can be a little different, as recruiters filling temp positions are looking for a different type of candidate. Here are three tips that will help improve your chances of both nailing the interview, and landing the job:

Focus on the Role: Point out that you can fill the specific role of the position and be sure to thoroughly research the job ahead of time so that you may speak intelligently and confidently. Because you will not be a long-term employee, be certain to focus more on how you can accomplish tasks than in your interest in items such as company culture.

Emphasize Relevant Temp Job Skills: Obviously you should work to highlight your skills that are related to the job, however, you should also point out the qualities that would make you a great temp worker, such as availability, adaptability, and your ability to work well with an ever-changing group of coworkers.

Be Flexible: Flexibility is perhaps the most important quality of a temporary employee, since many temp positions require working a flexible schedule. Be sure to point out if you can work nights or weekends and if you’re able to start right away. Emphasizing your comfort with working in new and frequently changing environments is also highly advised!

Taking on temporary positions can be a great way to either earn extra money, get started in a new industry, or allow yourself the time and flexibility to pursue your personal interests and passions. If you’re interested in getting started toward exciting temp assignments visit AtWork.com/locations today to find an AtWork location near you!