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Partnering with a temp agency to find your next job can save you the time and frustration of going about your job search alone and allow you to benefit from the services of a professional recruiter who will have connections to employers in the field you’re looking to enter. But working with an agency isn’t like searching on your own. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of your experience:

1: Find the Right Fit — There are a number of agencies out there to choose from, and many have specialized areas of focus. Seek an agency with recruiters who are focused on the industry you’re looking to break into for the best experience.

2: Understand the Agency’s Expectations — Your recruiter will work with you in the beginning to set expectations regarding communications, feedback, and their general process for finding suitable positions and setting up interviews for you. Understanding these expectations can make the process of working with an agency flow more smoothly.

3: Take Charge of your Search — Even though you’re working with an agency, it’s still your job search and you should take an active role. Know where your resume is going and speak up if you don’t think that the opportunity is a fit, and make sure that your recruiter has all of the information that they need from you in order to make the best possible presentation to employers.

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