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For many businesses, utilizing temporary labor is a logical way to scale their workforce up or down, based on need. However, as with any major business decision, there are some pros and cons to consider before taking the leap and contacting a staffing agency, such as AtWork. Here are a few of the most important:


Increased Efficiency: Temp labor can be scheduled to cover times of peak demand, increasing productivity, then released when demand eases, increasing operational efficiency.

Flexibility: Using temporary workers allows greater flexibility in both maintaining and adjusting staff levels in order to meet demand, as workers can be brought on and released as necessary.

Recruiting Opportunities: Temporary workers provide a strong base of potential full-time employees from which to choose, and the ability to bring them on for temporary projects allows recruiters to “try before they buy” and avoid making costly hiring errors.

Administrative Savings: Partnering with a staffing agency relieves the burden of employment documentation and many other administrative tasks, leading to less stress on internal HR departments and overall savings.

Potential Cons

Negative Impact on Current Employees: Occasionally, full-time employees may be put off by the thought of working with temporary associates, be it because they feel their job is threatened or they become frustrated with temp turnover.

Decreased Loyalty: One practical risk of working with a temporary workforce is that they will not have the same loyalty to the company as their full-time counterparts due to the impermanent nature of their employment. Offering temp-to-hire opportunities may alleviate some of these concerns, however.

Increased Training Costs: Since temporary associates often experience higher turnover rates than full-time employees, there can potentially be increased training costs to consider as employees cycle in and out.

Though there are potential risks involved in utilizing temporary labor, many businesses find that it’s the perfect solution to their personnel needs. If you’d like to see how partnering with one of the nation’s largest and most respected staffing agencies can benefit your business, visit atwork.com/divisions or find a location near you today!