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Personnel costs are one of the largest expenses that a business will face. Recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and training all cost valuable time and ultimately cut into the profit margin of the company. However, by working with an established staffing agency, such as AtWork, business owners can save both time and money across the entire hiring process.

Here are four ways that AtWork can help improve your business’ bottom line through effective, efficient recruiting and hiring:

An HR Department for hire: Essentially, AtWork serves as a third-party human resources team for its clients, filling many of the roles typically reserved for an in-house HR team. However, companies that utilize AtWork’s services typically save significantly over having a full-time HR department, from wages and benefits that are saved to office space, supplies, and furniture that are not needed.

Reduce Turnover: Professional recruiters are best-equipped to help businesses find the right person for the job by conducting background checks, drug screening, and skills testing. The high costs of screening and hiring employees makes employee turnover an immediate problem for a healthy bottom line, highlighting the need for help from a professional recruiting team.

Reduce Training Costs: By utilizing AtWork’s database of skilled candidates, companies can avoid lengthy and expensive training periods for new hires and immediately employ temporary or temp-to-hire employees who already possess the requisite skills and experience to complete the job.

Reduce Overtime and Benefits Costs: AtWork can save companies a significant amount of money when it comes to the cost of benefits and overtime. Benefits add up to nearly 25 percent of a company’s payroll expenses, meaning that using a staffing agency for temporary and temp-to-hire employees can help managers minimize these additional benefit expenses. Additionally, overtime costs for current staff can be minimized by taking on temporary employees during peak seasons.

If you’d like to see how AtWork can help you improve your bottom line click HERE to find a location near you today!