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As the seasons change, many industries experience fluctuations in their workforce needs. Hiring seasonal employees, however, requires a slightly different approach than hiring permanent staff. From budgeting concerns to ensuring that the employees are classified properly, the challenges can be many. Here are a few practical tips to help you forecast effectively and find the right temporary team members for your business:

Understand your Industry and Plan Accordingly: Having a firm understanding of your seasonal business cycles is crucial to not only choosing the correct hires, but also deciding when the contract should begin and when it should terminate. Take the time to project your future needs based on historical data and current market trends. Once you have an idea of expected demand you can begin planning for seasonal hires more accurately.

Accurately Describe the Seasonal Positions: Just like when you hire for a permanent position, you should ensure that your job description has been thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. Be certain to include any required certifications and training and indicate clearly in the job description that the position is temporary, to prevent any unnecessary confusion.

Follow the Rules: Hiring seasonal employees may expose your business to risks that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider, such as not listing an accurate employment status or not completing the necessary paperwork properly and on-time. During the planning phase, be sure to thoroughly research all of the rules pertaining to temporary employees in your area to ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running when it’s time to hire.

Get Help: When it comes to hiring temporary employees, it can be wise to seek the help of a professional staffing agency, such as AtWork. By partnering with a reputable agency, you will have access to new sourcing channels, a professional recruiting team, and the experience of a partner that places temporary employees across a variety of industries every day, which will help reduce the amount of time—and money—it takes to move an employee through the hiring process.

If you’re in the planning phases for your next seasonal hiring shift, take a moment to reach out to the AtWork location nearest to you by clicking HERE. Our expert recruiters can ensure that your hiring needs are met with top-tier talent, no matter the season!