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For some, a temporary job is considered a last resort; a way of biding time in anticipation of something better coming along. However, an increasing number of job seekers are finding that temporary positions can be much more than just a brief stop at a random company. Temporary positions have a number of advantages for new graduates, those looking to expand their skillsets and more. Here are just a few:

Temp Positions are for Everyone – Many new graduates—both high school and college—utilize staffing agencies to place them into a temporary job, post-graduation. These positions provide hands-on experience that they most likely didn’t gain in school but will be necessary as they move down their career paths. However, even established professionals can benefit from a temp position. If a person is between jobs, taking a temporary assignment can eliminate a gap between permanent positions and provide valuable working skills, possibly even in a new industry, that can be beneficial when interviewing for their next permanent position.

Job Seekers Can Learn New Skills – Often, a temporary assignment will not be in an industry in which the job seeker has current experience. Taking on the assignment allows the employee to expand their skillset and gain a further understanding of an industry they may not be as familiar with, which can open up doors for other positions down the road.

Temporary Can Become Permanent – Many temporary jobs are not truly temporary at all but are considered “temp-to-hire”. These are positions in which an employee is hired on a temporary basis for a trial period. At the end of that period the employer then has the opportunity to hire the employee on a permanent basis, if they are satisfied with the employee’s performance.

Job Seekers Can Expand their Networks – Even if a temporary position doesn’t turn into a permanent placement, there are valuable connections to be made during the assignment that may be beneficial to the job seeker in the future, including with supervisors, coworkers, vendors, and even the staffing agency that set up the temporary assignment.

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